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tv   Today in New York  NBC  March 1, 2016 5:00am-7:00am EST

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for the day we're find. morning commute as well in between a partly sunny day with high temperatures in the upper 40s. let's get to lauren scala. >> if you were tuning in a few minutes ago i was talking about service changes on a and f train, that has wrapped up. normal service is resumed. the new york state thruway, northbound after 15a, there is an accident there. spring brook parkway southbound there is a disabled vehicle that blocks lane but you can see not causing much a delay. we'll have the next weather and update on the 4s. there's a manhunt in a new jersey community and the community is outraged. someone hit a little girl and her mother as they were walking to school. this happened in west new york. intersection of 62nd street and van buren place. that little girl just 7 years old died. katherine creag is in weather new york. kat, you were saying they were
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when all of this happened. >> reporter: they were so close, michael, to the little girl's school. what's happening right now, a police officer from the west new york police department just parked here right next to this memorial. a memorial filled with balloons, flowers, stuffed animals for that little girl. looks like he's taking a look at that memorial. we want to show you video, though. the most recent video that police have of that suv. it was the driver of an suv that hit a girl and mother as they were walking at this intersection in west new york. police released this video of the driver going through a parking garage some streets around here. the driver of the black chevrolet tahoe at the corner of van buren place and 61st street turned as the little girl and her mother crossed the street. the driver struck both of them. even got out of the vehicle and for several seconds looked at the child on the ground and the mother in shock and hurt but then the driver took off. the child died at the hospital.
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mother and father. michael, so many people have left flowers and balloons in memory of shaila, and you can see that memorial and police trying to get that video out there as much as possible if someone can recognize the driver of that chevrolet tahoe. >> you see how it's impacted the community. thanks so much. right now, police are investigating a troubling find. a skeleton inside a recently purchased home. the house on barbey street had been abandoned. police said someone doing a walk-through found the bones. the bones were thought to belong to a squatter and no foul play is suspected. new this morning, police have released sketches of two suspected wanted for an armed robbery, those men allegedly approached a 24-year-old woman in highland park and threatened
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investigators say they grabbed the woman's cell phone and took cough. a harlem pre-k is under fire for how they allegedly treated a young child. her son was left in a hallway filled with trash. the worker asked to remain anonymous. the mother was told by the school her son had behavorial issues but said teachers handled the situation the wrong way. >> that child is a human being he's normal just as well as any other individual in this united states. for them to treat my child in this manner, i'm flabbergasted and floored and just -- just -- i don't know any other words to state. >> department of education they have not commented on this incident. it's 5:03. we'll check weather and traffic on this tuesday morning. we'll see what temperatures are like outside. they're rather mild, chris. >> it's dropped about four degrees in the city. down to 42 degrees.
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the north and west wouldn't be surprised to see the temperatures drop a little more. the day planner is actually in pretty good shape. starting out partly cloudy. temperatures in the low 40s. outlying suburbs are in the 30s. partly sunny skies by noon time looking at 44. the forecast gets up to upper 40s while that's cooler than 60 of the past couple days it's also above normal. low 40s by the evening hours with increasing clouds. those clouds will lead to some wet weather. we'll get to that in a bit. let's get to lauren. >> things moving along nicely for the commute. we have no issues for pass transit commuters. everything is running on or close to schedule. we'll show you what the george washington bridge looks like. use your e-zpass if you're using the lower level. to the gowanus, no delays heading into the brooklyn bridge. alternate side parking rules in
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happening now, the 7-year-old hit by a stray bullet while inside his new jersey home is recovering in the hospital this morning. the boy is in serious but stable condition. outside of the paterson home, you can see where a bullet went through a window. the sound of gunfire sent people running for cover last night. residents tell us gunfire not new in the neighborhood. police are looking for the shooter. right now some people who work for the city of paterson are being told to stay home. the government there is partially shut down. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is there to tell us what is impacted. >> reporter: there are concerns about partial shut downs specifically when it comes to schools. crossing guards are among the 1,000 people told to stay home today. a school official tells news 4 they've made backup arrangements and contracted out for some of it.
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a real concern comes for a result of a showdown between the mayor and torrez, it means a proposed property tax of 6%. until a budget is proved, however, nonessential workers have been told not to come into work today. torres says that would mean saving $225,000 when people like curbside garbage pickup or street cleaners don't come in. after-school programs will also be suspended today. there is a budget meeting tonight in paterson around 6:00 tonight to try and hash out the budget proposal, darlene, but still, it remains unclear as to when this partial shutdown will be resolved. back to you. >> thanks so much, tracie. now to dis20 ecision 2016, it is the most important day of the campaign yesterday. it's super tuesday. on the democratic side there are 11 states up for grabs.
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barrett is in the newsroom with what's at stake. it really could change the whole race depending on where we are 24 hours from now, kerry. >> it's super-duper tuesday. texas the big prize. it would be a very important home state win for ted cruz. in fact, it's the only state that polls show donald trump is not expected to win. so the game plan is for trump to build on that front-runner status with his closest competitors, cruz and marco rubio, aiming to collect enough delegates to stay competitive. that mean cruz would have to win texas. meanwhile, a little potential trouble for trump. buzzfeed is reporting that there's a secret "the new york times" tape in which trump reportedly rejects his own promises to close the border. >> you should be very troubled by a candidate like donald trump who tells "the new york times" one thing and the voters another. >> donald trump should ask the it's in it's no release the audio of this interview with
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it is he truly believes. >> at some point, you can't just say whatever pops into your head if you want to be the president of the united states of america. >> meanwhile, on the democratic side, as you just heard, hillary clinton looking past today focusing the fight instead on trump. bernie sanders looking to pick up wins in his home state of vermont, perhaps massachusetts and texas saying he believes he'll do better than predicted. also, something we haven't talked about georgia a very important state. democrats quoting african-americans there. republican s republicans republicans quote evangelicalle s evangelicals. >> so much to watch about that.
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new york," campaign correspondents are all over the country in those critical states coming up at 7:00 a.m. right after "today in new york." hollywood is mourning the death of academy award winner george kennedy. kennedy received his supporting actor oscar for his role in the prison drama "cool hand luke." he was in the '70s on the series starring as savran. ing ring as sarge. george kennedy died sunday at age 91. >> great actor. >> incredible. 5:09 right now, ahead, a dubious distinction, which of our local states is called the worst place to retire in the whole united states. >> you take a guess. plus, a win for apple in a local court case. how it could impact the high profile fight with the fbi. plus, temperatures are dipping a little bit, weather
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at the new jersey turnpike. you're watching "today in new
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it's 5:12. your 4 things to know this morning. it's super tuesday. diagnoses up for grabs in 14 states. one of the critical states, texas, the scene is say must win for ted cruz. police in paterson are looking for a person who opened fire on a house looking hitting a 7-year-old boy. the boy was looking out the window when hit. police are looking for the driver of an suv who hit and killed a 7-year-old girl. "today in new york's" katherine creag is in west new york and an update on the search ahead at 5:30. police released sketches of two suspects wanted for an armed
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these men pulled a knife on the victim in highland park in cypress hills. temperatures sliding slowly down, turning colder. but not brutally cold. it will be in the 40s. clouds take over tonight. rain moves in overnight. the wind ramps up we could see gusts up to 40 miles per hour after tonight. it's a colder evening and a touch of snow, low 30s at the freezing mark. rhineback, seeing a few 20s. monticello is at 25. low 30s in the coastal areas of long island. and these temperatures may slip to to 30s around sunrise time. school day forecast, 40 degrees
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recess 44, dismissal time about 46 degrees. still dry, no rain gear needed for the kids. there's the next weathermaker, it's creating a lot of weather from the nation's midsection from snow to freezing rain and thunderstorms. it's a pretty big system in terms of how much coverage from an area west to south but from west to east it's not too wide. we've got patchy clouds around right now. again, we'll get into sunshine at time. for today, we'll call it a mixed sky. you can see on future tracker that's what's going on here a few clouds drift through but at 1:00 it still looking sunny. temperatures in the 40s. not too bad. by 1:00, 2:00, in the morning, a first round of showers moving through. the heavier round sits back here. that comes through generally between 4:00 and 7:00 tomorrow morning. the early morning commute can be soggy in spots. that quickly shifts east. by noon time, most of us are
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47, that's the expected high for today around here. again, that's a little above normal but cooler than most have been. most folks in that range mid and upper 40s. low 40s tonight with the rain moving in after midnight. becoming breezy to windy at times. these temperatures will start to rise as we get into milder air overnight and towards morning. colder start to thursday. it comes with sunshine but a tradeoff there in upper 30s. watch that storm begin for late thursday and early friday. a glancing blow, with a little bit of light snow. we'll keep an eye on it, all trends farther south. 40s today and tomorrow. rainover night, drivinging out the afternoon, colder thursday. weekend looks quiet, a flurry on sunday with highs in mid-40s. another warming trend for next week. let's see what the trend for the commute is. here's lauren. >> the trend is moving nicely.
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involving an overturned tractor trailer. this is northbound after 15a. blocks right lane but quiet not causing a delay. we'll take you outside. here's the long island expressway on long island. and smooth sailing through here. no major construction getting in your way today. heading over to new jersey. here is the new jersey turnpike out by new york liberty airport. earlier we did have the western part of the turnpike shut down with construction. but that has reopened. as you see, smooth sailing. alternate side parking rules in effect. don't forget to move your car. more weather and update on the 4s. governor chris christie appears to be reopening an old political battle over new jersey's highest court. yesterday he nominated monmouth county judge david bowman to the supreme court for the second time. the court refused bowman back in 2012. and clarence thomas asked
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bench in a decade. actually questioned the justice department lawyer some ten times. by the law that bars owners of guns. a brooklyn federal judge is siding with apple in its battle over hacking the company's iphones. the judge ruled the u.s. government cannot force apple to unlock an encrypted phone. but the ruling only applies to a brooklyn drug case. however, the denial could help apple in another case. the company is in that legal battle with the fbi over unlocking an iphone used by a san bernardino terrorist. meanwhile, apple representatives are in washington today. they will be testifying before a house judiciary committee. apple argues complying with the fbi's demands would weaken the security of all of its devices. fbi director james comey will also be giving testimony. he said the agency is not
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gain access. new york city being told to hold the salt on the menus. it was actually supposed to start today. as of right now there's no reason for the order under the law, salt shaker warning symbols will be placed to high sodium items on restaurant menus. a judge ordered that the city could fine restaurants that do not comply with the rules now on hold. and cnbc money report, new york is being called the worst state to retire. released a list ranked wyoming, south dakota, colorado, one, two, and three. new york ranked dead last due to the highest tax burden in the country and high cost of living. you feel deflated, right? >> right. they're all great places but we should point out that new york has many advantages that we pay for, like access to things. hard to go to a broadway show in wyoming.
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yes, but when you're retired and you don't have kids in school anymore, you're not taking advantage necessarily of all of these services. >> right. >> you want to hold on to the money. >> defending our state, darlene. >> i know. this morning, a look at the new sign that's going to shine along the brooklyn water front. and hard to miss. the fdny is responding to claims that it's misinterpreting
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welcome back. 42 degrees out. it's 5:22 on a tuesday morning. an unusual and bright work of art there soon dominate brooklyn's east shoreline. it's a revolving neon sign 25 feet tall spelling out the word "understanding." the script by martin creed will be installed on the brooklyn bridge that should be visible for miles. you can look for that sign starts may 4th through october 23rd. i love that. >> very nice to see. a hockey fan picked up a huge assist from one rangers player. >> vinnie, a long time ranger fan showed up monday's game at the garden with a sign and it reads zucc, if you give me your
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me. rangers forward zik hello signed it have fun at prom, treat her right. isn't that great. >> sure. that's fantastic. >> and they got a win, too. >> win-win all around. >> excellent. >> that was really great. >> hockey players are cool. not to say others aren't, but that's cool. meantime, we're looking at temperatures -- are you going to throw a puck at me or something? >> no, why? >> this is what happens in a hockey game. >> all right. now the climatological spring that means three months of winter we put away. look at these numbers above normal. february was actually warmer than january. again, an unusually warm winter despite that big snowstorm. tonight, sun and clouds, a bit of a breeze at times. tonight look for clouds to
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rain holds out until midnight and showers get heavy with temperatures in the low 40s. all in all, a pretty good day ahead. looks nice. >> all right. and with the commute, good news, everything is moving along nicely on the rails. metra and llr and nj transmit. and then a live look outside at the queensboro bridge. everything is moving along nicely. tunnels also a good option this morning. no major problems on the roads either. local lawmakers sign a law about lead that may be inside local homes. plus, tearful testimony of erin andrews what she said on the stand about the privacy that
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>> download the news for
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right now, the search for a shooter who hit a 7-year-old boy. the young victim was in his home when it happened. a manhunt right now in new jersey. a driver killed a little girl, injured her mother and then took off.
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and a scene, the confrontation that kicked off a presidential rally. good morning, i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino is here with the first forecast of march. so far, so good, chris. >> the first hours are on a roll. but it will go downhill, not bad this morning. into the city, low 40s. same thing for long island. a little milder on the jersey shore. long branch is at 26. we may lose a couple degrees to the morning hours as colder air continues to push in on a north-northwest breeze. just patchy clouds. we'll see a mix of clouds and sunshine. there's a system out to the west that is racing pretty steady in our direction. the day planner, we're dry for the morning commute. we're dry for the evening commute. forecasting a high of 47.
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the commute, here's lauren. >> things are still moving along nicely. we do have a couple problems out there. nothing too major. new york state thruway northbound there's an accident an 15-a. that blocks the right lane because there aren't many cars on the roads, not really causing a delay. we do have road work, southbound 106th street and 96th, two lanes shut down, no problems. right now, the government of city of paterson is partially shut down due to a budget crisis. this morning, an emergency plan is in place to keep kids safe as they walk to school. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is in paterson. >> reporter: it affects 1,000 nonessential employees. kids may have to fend authorize terms. it's assault of a line in the sand between manager joey
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services means property taxes may have to go up 6%. that's his proposed increase all as a result to match aid from the state. until a budget is proved, however, nonessential workers have been told not to come to work today. that means services like curbside garbage pickup, street cleaners and after-school programs have been suspended. city officials tells that you crossing guards will be in place in some areas but the city's police director says in places where traffic lights are, those major intersections, school kids may have to heed it for themselves, pay attention to the crossing lightings because crossing guards may not be there as a result of the partial shutdown. the budget meeting is tonight. >> thank you. happening now also in paterson, a 7-year-old boy is in the hospital. he's recovering after being hit by a stray bullet that was fired inside his home from the outside. police say the boy is in serious but stable condition. outside the house, you can see
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it was the sound of gunfire that sent people nearby running for cover. some people sought shelter inside a liquor store inside the street. >> you see people running into the store. running like that, you know people's shooting. >> gun violence is not new to the area. the 7 was not the intended target. according to reports the babylon school board voted to dismiss coach anthony sporeaccihoo. he had been under fire. he had the backing of parent it's and students who came to his defense at a board meeting last month. senator charles schumer calling for a bill to rid homes of dangerous lead paint. it was banned but can cause
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senator schumer wants a $4,000 tax credit for homeowners if it remains in their homes. he wants to bring the grant up to $230 million. the union that represents new york city firefighters claims response time for emergencies are longer than the city is admitting. the uniform firefighters association said the city's basing the response times on when calls for help are passed along to the fdny. not when the calls are first coming into 911. union leaders accused the city of painting an accurate picture of just how long it takes firefighters to get to the scene of an emergency. the fdny responded in part there is nothing misleading about the city's transparent and detailed reports on response times for emergencies broken down by seven different categories to account for each component in what is known as the end-to-end response time."
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checking in with chris for temperatures that are feeling just fine, chris. >> no complaints here. low 40s in the city. suburbs in the 30s. this time of year, typically colder than that. what to expect for today, again both commutes are going to be dry. the rain holds out until midnight or so. a mix of sun and clouds. here, too. high temperatures are back in the 40s again. saw. still in the upper 40s. winds get gusty overnight tonight as the front comes on through. right now, we're holding steady. we'll call it partly to mostly cloudy. 46 at noon time. more clouds gather by the evening hours as temperatures settle into the lower 40s. more on that rain and snow on the seven-day forecast. let's get to lauren with the commute. >> so far so good for the commute. we don't have any unplanned detours or surprises out there for bus commuters. everything is operating on its
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same for the trains, metro-north and llir. and we'll have more weather and track on the 4s. police need help finding the driver who hit and killed a little girl as she walked to school with her mother. happened at the intersection of 62nd and van buren place. this morning, we do have a look at the suv believed to be involved in this crime. katherine creag is in west new york with very latest. kat. >> reporter: and as one investigator put it, michael, that suv driver can run, but they can not hide. you can imagine, the anger, the outrage for members of the law enforcement community to people in this very community. what you see right there. the memorial for that little girl. that is where the tragedy happened. the most recent surveillance video of the suv released by police shows us this, the driver going through a parking garage
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the driver of a black chevrolet tahoe at the corner of van buren place and 61st street turned as the little girl sheyla pichardo and hit the little girl and got out. on the street. this is what he said, take a listen. corner. it's sad and tragic what happened. >> reporter: and as you take a look at this memorial that's been growing with balloons, flowers in memory of sheyla. she was the only child of her mother and father. the father told us, had met with reporters, michael, saying that he is devastated. that he is destroyed by this. the family -- and again, the community, law enforcement as well, they want to get that image of the video of the suv out there if someone can recognize it or the driver. back to you, michael. >> all right.
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in the case. thanks. police are investigating a troubling find in brooklyn a skeleton found inside a recently purchased home. the house on barbey street has been aban doned for some time. the bones are thought to belong to a squatter. no foul play is suspected. and police have released sketches of two suspects wanted for an armed robbery in a brooklyn park. these men allegedly approached a woman in highland park by threatening her with a knife. investigators say they grabbed the women's cell phone and took off. a new jersey man is charged in a hit-and-run that killed an offduty police officer. investigators a nypd officer was arguing with another driver on
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they said he had his weapon drawn. the 35-year-old from lindin is charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident. in. >> happening now, police are looking for a man who started firing inside the rico chimi restaurant in queens. in woodhaven this past saturday. then he jumped into a red four-door sedan and sped away. a 40-year-old man was shot and hit in the leg and a woman was shot but expected to recover. super tuesday, republican contests in 14 states, democrat and delegates are up for grabs in 11 states. the polls have donald trump favored in the vast majority of states. he's hoping to win over a huge share of delegates, but he may not take the biggest prize which is texas. that's where senator ted cruz is the hometown favorite.
5:39 am
state to keep his campaign alive. meanwhile, senator marco rubio is hoping to pick up delegates of his own. yesterday, he attacked trump. >> he's unelectable now. he refused to criticize the ku klux klan. >> listen, i'm confident we're going to have a very good day in texas. >> we are going to win at every single level. >> yesterday, in georgia, trump picked up the endorsement of several nascar drivers. turning now to democrats, hillary clinton looking to increase her delegate count toward the nomination. she's focusing more on the november election. yesterday, she blasted republicans on a number of issues from the economy to the future of social security. bernie sanders was campaigning hard as well. he's hoping for a strong showing in a number of super tuesday states. >> governor chris christie may be supporting donald trump but he's not ruling out another race for the white house of his own.
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show saying who nose. jurors began hearing the case against a brooklyn man charged for trying to join isis. in opening statements yesterday prosecutors told jurors that he flew to turkey in 2015. from there, they claim the former air force veteran planned to travel to syria and join the islamic state but a defense attorney told jurors that pew was in turkey to look for a job. sportscaster erin andrews broke down in tears while talking about the nude videos taken of her and posted online. >> it was my private time. i never thought it would happen. i never thought the hotel would let somebody next to me without telling me, you know, it's like all i wanted to do is be respected. all i wanted to do is be the girl next door who loved sports.
5:41 am
involved with shooting those videos and the marriott for $75 million. a terrifying home invasion. the trick two men used to get a woman to open her door. plus, it's a takedown at a presidential rally. what a photographer did that caused a secret service agent to react. and temperatures falling back slightly this morning. weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. you're watching "today in new
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have a tip for new york's biggest i-team? call 866-news-244 or e-mail tips @new and march 1st. as we start the climatological spring. it's not too bad out there. roads are dry and going to stay dry for the morning and evening commute as well. flags are barely moving in the plaza, too. so there's not any windchill, 3 miles an hour. a few clouds 42 in the city. a little chillier in some of the suburbs. a day of mixed sky and clouds. overnight rain and becoming windy tomorrow morning. but it shuts down in a hurry tomorrow morning.
5:45 am
to trend for the week. 44 in jackson heights. most of the boroughs between 40 and 45. coldest spot we could find, monticello at 23 degrees. northwest winds trying to push in colder air but not too strong in terms of wind. this is the next weathermaker, between there and us over here, we've got a chunk of real estate of dry weather to deal with and that will be where we spend today and a good part of today and tonight. a patch of clouds north of the city. and let's look for the rain, midnight, northern new jersey, midnight and 2:00 a.m. in the city. 3:00 a.m. for long island. maybe by 5:00 a.m. but this is whisking through quickly. we're talking probably six to eight-hour period, tops. we'll see shower activity. back to the maps above normal
5:46 am
no it's not 60 but still above where we should be which is lower 40s. southeast wind brings in moisture and warmer air. temperatures in the low 40s for the first half of the night. start to rise in the upper 40s to 50. that period of rain, midnight to 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow morning. then temperatures will go from 40s to the 30s by end of tomorrow. tomorrow is one of those days that changes for the morning. mild and wet to start. cold and dry to finish. cold and dry thursday too. a good deal of sunshine, upper 30s. then watch the storm system to the south of us moving up the mid-atlantic coast. may get close enough to bring shower activity. late thursday and into friday. if it shifts farther, we could see more snow. passing well to the south. we'll keep you posted as it gets closer. upper 40s today and tomorrow. the rain threat is overnight early tomorrow morning. dry tomorrow afternoon.
5:47 am
saturday not bad, sun and clouds, 43. saturday, 46. a warming trend, i think we're back in the 50s a good part of next week. we're back to lauren scala at 5:46. >> problems for new jersey transit, northeast corridor service is suspended between trenton and princeton junction. otherwise, it's moving along nicely. we'll continue to keep you updated as we get more information about the suspension. and then beale talk about the belt parkway, reports an garden. this is before you get to it. we'll take a live look outside. better news, van wyche expressway. skrukz and traffic patterns not causing a delay yet. still a nice ride here. parkway. here's what that looks like out by laguardia. you can see smooth sailing but not too bad. alternate side parking rules in effect. we'll have more weather and
5:48 am
>> happening right now, police are searching for two men in a terrifying home invasion in the bronx. police say the would suspects posed as con ed workers to get a woman to open her apartment door. they pushed the door in and tied up the woman and her daughter. investigators say one of the men sexually assaulted the mother. the incident left some neighbors shaken. >> i'm a mom with children as well. and it's just terrifying. >> police say the two men also got away with cash. there's no word on how long the victims were tied up. the secret service investigating now, a violent confrontation between one of its agents and a photographer at a donald trump rally. here it is. secret service agent appeared to grab him by the throat and slamming him into the ground. the "time" photographer was trying to get a shot when he stepped outside of the press barricaded area.
5:49 am
expected to be back at work soon. researchers are linking the zika virus to another onset of gee yawn guillen barre syndrome. esure with the food and drug administration saying it will add a boxed warning. they're warning bayer to conduct a new study for various groups of women, also giving doctors check list to talk about the potential risks of the contraceptive. this morning, we're getting a look at a dramatic car crash in arlington, texas. you'll see an out of control car slam into a gas pump and into the car. fire quickly breaks out, people run for cover. the driver of the dark car runs to the passenger side tries to
5:50 am
finally it does open. there's somebody else in there. they get out. the two take cover. there's no word yet as to whether anyone got hurt. another accident is getting attention in california it is believed to be the first caused by a self-driving car. google said one of its test cars was driving around sandbags near a storm drain in southern california when it hit the side of the bus. there was a driver in the test car as required by state law but the driver did not have control and felt the bus would yield. fortunately, no one was hurt. an historic homecoming today. it's been a year in the making. plus, one fast ride. what nasa unveiled that could some day change air travel. and if you didn't get enough sleep last night, it could actually affect your diet as well. what they say about new research just released. >> don't forget follow us on facebook and twitter and
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michaelg4ny. darlene4ny. you're watching "today in new
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inbound lincoln lanes. news for your health, the amount of sleep you get each night could be linked to how much you crave junk food. researchers at the university of chicago found the less sleep we get the more our bodies produce a chemical that increases our craving for sweets. for salty and fatty food as well. researchers say -- this was on my bedside last night. turns into a vicious cycle of bad sleeping habits and eating things as well that are bad for you. >> 300 calories a day which could be cookies in two weeks results in gaining one pound of extra fat. >> researchers found if you get eight hours of sleep a night you tend to have fewer cravings. avoid eating anything two to three hours before going to sleep. >> yes. >> i think that holds for whenever you go to bed, right? >> yes.
5:55 am
eating dinner at 5:00-ish, righty. >> i eat after i sleep. >> why don't we run these stories for the evening newscast. we don't need to hear this stuff. we're facing the impossible. >> we know. >> those getting up this morning facing temperatures that are not that bad actually tour march 1 fifty. lee 40s in the city. some 30s in the suburbs not as war as the last couple of days but really can't complain. upper 40s with a mix of sun and clouds. you can complain. i can't tell you to do that or not. rain moving in overnight. and picks up in intensity towards tomorrow morning's commute. also getting windy, temperatures in the 40s and rising. the weekend forecast again while it turns chillier over the weekend. not bad. in the 40s. a little rain or snow shower activity late sunday morning. it looks like a warming trend. we could see 60 by the end of next week. not bad. >> it's march. >> i know.
5:56 am
>> not so many problems on the roads. one accident out there, new york state thruway, northbound, there's an excellent involving an overturned tractor trailer. that's right lane. then a live look outside at the inbound side of the lincoln tunnel where thinking are moving along nicely at the tolls here. at the george washington bridge and holland tunnel, same experience. no delays. we do have problems on new jersey transit. i will have details in just a few minute. >> 5:56, happening today, new jersey-born astronaut scott kelly will feel something he hasn't felt in 342 days. gravity. >> wow. >> kelly will return to earth today after the longest mission ever on the international space station. scientists will be paying close attention to kelly. researchers will study his body and compare changes to his twin brother mark kelly who stayed on earth. >> welcome home to him. meanwhile, the space agency
5:57 am
time almost in half. zbt . >> the agency wants to bring back supersonic flights. nasa calls it quest. instead of the signature boom we heard from the concord, nasa said this jet sound would be more of a thump. the craft would fly at 1100 miles per hour and all you're hear is a thump. >> you still won't get snacks. >> and not much leg room. it's 5:56. one of oprah's personal items. why you need to act fast today. also at 6:00 a.m. -- it's a budget battle in new jersey. hundreds of city workers in one city told to stay home today. we'll tell you who's being impacted. >> and if you're about to head out the door take us with us. keep downloading the news for new york app on your mobile device. we're back in two minutes. you're watching "today in new
5:58 am
smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. ones that can kill you fast. ones that can kill you slower. ones that can take away life's most basic pleasures. there are 16 different types of cancer caused by smoking. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking.
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6:00 am
by a bullet while sitting inside his own home. the search is on for the person responsible. super tuesday. by the end of the day we know which candidate has the best chance. and the worst for retirement. the report hitting close today. "today in new york" starts now. starting a debate in the studio over that. >> we did. >> we'll talk about that. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday morning, march 1st. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. let's go to chris cimino, with the forecast. we enjoyed february. the back half of it. >> that one day. temperatures yesterday around 60. not going to happen today. it's cooling down a little bit. we lost another degree to 41 in the park. secaucus, same thing. 36 in white plains. lower 30s in poughkeepsie, sussex, monticello. these temperatures keep dropping up until sunrise time.
6:01 am
patchy clouds to the north. clearer skies in the city and south. but that will change because of this system making a beeline that is steady in our direction. no problems for the morning commute. clouds, 41. light coat throughout the day. a mix of clouds and sun. rain is hitting our way later on tonight. maybe snow in the seven-day forecast. let's get to lauren scala at 6:00 a.m. >> things are rolling along nicely for the most part but we do have problems for new jersey transit customers on the northeast corridor. all services suspended between trenton and princeton junction. two stops there. but a live look outside. a new accident on the roads. long island expressway heading westbound. you can see before you get to exit 40. the jericho exit there. a lane blocked. very slow going around this. we'll have more weather and
6:02 am
more than 1,000 of paterson, new jersey residents city workers are staying home this morning agency the mayor and tee council fight over a budget gap. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is in paterson to explain how it's being impacted by the partial government shutdown. >> reporter: darlene, it's quiet here at the train station, that could be as a result of that partial shutdown that went in effect today and it's as you mention because of a budget battle. 1,000 nonessential workers are told to simply stay home. mayor joey torres said it do save the city $225,000. the posh artial shutdown is over an increase in taxes. the mayor said taxes have to go up in order to match aid from the state. until a budget is approved that means these nonessential workers have been told to stay home. that means services like curbside garbage pickup, street cleaners and school programs have been suspended. a main concern through all of
6:03 am
school kids here in paterson. school officials tell news 4 they have a contingency plan in place. but police director tells news 4 that's not for all areas, darlene. some of the high-traffic intersections where traffic lights are may not be staffed as a result of this shutdown. as for the budget, a meeting is scheduled for this meaning. back to you. >> thanks so much. also in paterson, the 7-year-old hit by a stray bullet while inside his home is recovering in the hospital. police say the boy is in serious but stable condition outside of the house. you can see where the bullet pierced a home yesterday. the sound of gunfire sent people running for cover. police are looking for the shooter this morning. in about an hour, voters go to the polls in a lot of supper tuesday primary states. republican voters cast ballots in 14 states.
6:04 am
republican donald trump is expected to dominate the day even with his recent refusal to disavow support from white supremacist david duke which he did. ted cruz is running hard in this home state of texas. if he doesn't beat trump there, his campaign can be in trouble. >> what we will see, i believe, is donald trump and me coming out both with a significant chunk of delegates. >> if the people that like and watch nascar vote for donald trump, they can cancel the election right now. >> yesterday, trump picked up support of several nascar drivers. marco rubio says trump is unelectable. while he stumped in four states. also fierce battle now between the democratic contenders. hillary clinton is ahead in many state polls heading into today's voting. she seems to be focusing her campaign now on the general election in november. yesterday, she lashed out at the republican candidates. bernie sanders for his part pushing hard in massachusetts
6:05 am
hoping for wins there in addition to his home state in vermont. it's going to be a big day. stay with us all day for the super tuesday results. today, we'll have an hour-long edition of "nbc nightly news" and then at 10:00 p.m., we'll have an hour-long election news reporter at 11:00. and now on the 4s, super tuesday, chris. >> super tuesday, first day of march, first climatological day of spring. looking chilly from the last couple days but both day commutes dry. morning and evening. mix of sun and clouds. a lighter coat should handle it throughout with temperatures back in upper 40s by the afternoon. it will get breezy to eventually windy overnight tonight. and winds could gust to 30, 35 miles an hour. but right now, we're just dealing with temperatures in the low 40s in the city. of.
6:06 am
temperatures mid and upper 40s. we'll talk more details about the rain even a peek into the weekend coming up on the 4s. >> we're going to talk a little bit more about this northeast corridor suspension on new jersey transit. we do have kai simonsen in chopper 4 over a police investigation. it is a little dark. is this south of jersey avenue stop. it's in north brunswick township out by perry street. you see nothing it moving along there. the suspension on transit is on princeton and trenton. again, a police investigation out there. it could be out there for quite a while. otherwise, md transit not reporting any changes besides that. metro-north lirr and path doing well. alternate side parking rules in effect. this morning, a new jersey
6:07 am
hit-and-run that killed an off duty new york city police officer. investigators say nypd officer vincent harrison was involved in a minor accident on the new jersey turnpike. they say he was arguing with the driver with his gun drawn when he was hit by another car. the 35-year-old from mejia is charged with leaving the scene of an accident. police say he turned himself in. police are looking for a man who opened fire inside a restaurant in queens. surveillance video shows a gunman running into the rico chimi restaurant saturday and firing shots. a 40-year-old man was hit in the leg and hip. a woman was also shot. both are expected to be okay. it's 6:07 now. new this morning, a longtime high school baseball coach on long island is reportedly out of a job. babylon school board voted to dismiss the coach. he had been the head coach of
6:08 am
eight years but he came under fire for using an online fund-raiser to raise money for the team without the school board's permission. apple won a legal battle in brooklyn that may help its case against the fbi. a federal judge ruled that the u.s. government cannot force iphone. the ruling only applies to a brooklyn drug case. however, the denial could help apple as it fights the fbi which wants the company to unlock an iphone used by a terrorist in the san bernardino attack. >> happening today, apple representatives will be on capitol hill testifying before a house judiciary committee. the company argues that complying with the fbi's demands would weaken the security of all of its devices. fbi director james comey will also be testifying. he said the agency is not trying to set a sweeping precedent to gain access to the devices.
6:09 am
schumer calling for a tax credit to dasetoxify homeowners with leed paint. he wants to more than double the budget of the red hazard control and health home grant program and bring it up to $230 million. in this morning's cnbc money report, if you planned on spending your golden years in our area, you may want to rethink that plan. cnbc's landon dowdy joins us with those details and more. landon, where are we retiring? >> it may be time to check out real estate listings in -- are you ready -- wyoming. votes wyoming as the best state to retire. cost of living, crime, health care state and local taxes, weather and personal well-being. new york ranks last. new jersey is 45th. meanwhile, you could have a chance to own a piece of oprah's wardrobe.
6:10 am
her closet at other old chicago studios and putting more than 150 items up for bid. they start at 99 cents. the auction runs today through thursday with proceeds going to her leadership academy for girls. i was just checking out -- >> what size is she? i'm a 6 1/2, if you see anything there. >> 6:10, still ahead. a new scam warning, this time it involved jury duty. new york city sodium labels on hold once again. the new twist in this ongoing legal battle. >> plus, your weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. you're watching "today in new
6:11 am
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6:14, time for weather and track on the 4s. looking good out there. it's dry, cool, cooler than it's been. that's the way the day's going to play out. kind of a big sky of sun and clouds. temperatures in upper 40s. overnight rain coming in, probably after midnight. heaviest towards tomorrow morning. the wind will pick up and then a colder trend as we go towards the end of the week. this morning, not bad, 42 in chelsea. and jackson heights. 43s and lower 30s in poughkeepsie, most of long island, low 40s. connecticut generally upper 30s to low 40s. coldest, monticello at 23 degrees. at the school day bus stop, chilly, 40 degrees. recess it's 44. and after school activities
6:15 am
meantime, we're watching the system on the southern fringe with rain. we get the rain, not a lot anticipated out of this, kind of a quick hit. we'll see you on future tracker what it looks like. as we go through the day, afternoon, this is new. pretty good sky but sunshine. then on to the evening commute. it's still dry and more clouds in the picture. from 7:00 to midnight, you start to see the first light showers break out in and around the city towards the north. the heavier showers through pennsylvania that gets into the morning commute. until about 6:00 or 8:00 a.m. then look at this, it's gone by the afternoon. still above normal today with high of 47 degrees. mile tonight in the 40s. midnight. the wind will pick up. the temperatures could rise from 50 or so early on. and drop back through the 30s by the end of the day tomorrow. tomorrow.
6:16 am
it's rain overnight. windy as well. windy throughout the day tomorrow. a little light snow with a clipper system on. glancing shot there. back to a warming trend into the 50s we go. let's get to lauren scala. any new troubles out there? >> we do have a couple new ones but an old one. long island expressway we do have an accident three quarters of a mile before you get to that exit. you can see three lanes blocked. just hov is getting by. that nassau county heading into sussex. and grand central park, westbound out before clearview there's an accident there that blocks a lane. delays stop and go. you can take the l.i.e. here,
6:17 am
kai simonsen in chopper 4 over an accident. police investigation causing a suspension on the northeast corridor. in both directions between trenton an princeton junction. no trains moving. he's over north brunswick township out near perry drive. that's where this is taking place. new jersey transit has not reported any other delays or suspensions, it's just this area. as we take a look at the actual map of the actual rails. this investigation is a little farther north of here and of course, we'll continue to keep a close eye on it. otherwise moving along nicely. we have more weather and traffic on the 4s. governor chris christie may be endorsing donald trump but he's not ruling out another white house bid. he 11 the door open during a radio interview saying who nose. christie also sidestepped questions about whether he'd consider a vice presidential run with trump.
6:18 am
nominated monmouth judge david bowman to new jersey's highest court. that's likely to reopen a battle over the seat. governor cuomo asking federal officials to stop the construction of a pipeline in westchester county. cuomo is asking the federal regulatory commission to halt the construction because of the pipeline's close proximity to the indian point nuclear plant. state agencies say they're launching an analysis of the government's safety concerns. spectra energy's algonquin pipeline would run from pennsylvania north to new england. hollywood is mourning the death of hollywood award winner george kennedy. he received an oscar for "cool hand luke." kennedy was a native new yorker. yesterday mourners placed flowers on his star on the hollywood walk of fame.
6:19 am
>> over 100 movies. he was in the classic "the dirty dozen." everyone had favorites. >> still ahead at 6:02, we're going to show you a proposed sign that's creating a lot of controversy on the east river. don't forget, follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram. michaelg4ny. darlene4ny. you're watching "today in new
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6:22. looking at the tappan zee bridge. 41 degrees out. local lawmakers warning residents to watch out for the so-called jury duty scam. scammers tell people they're missing a fine for jury duty and ask for credit card information and sometimes social security numbers. the new york member says court-appointed employees would never ask for information over the phone. the u.s. tennis world association said they want to avoid closing the roof as much as possible even if that means they'll have some wet courts. officials say the on sight meteorologist should be able predict when the roof should be closed. they got the roof, it closes but they don't want to close it. did i get that right? >> sounds like to. >> unless you absolutely have to, right?
6:24 am
>> it's not like your car, you just press the button. >> right. >> it might take a little bit longer than that. but a lot of these sporting events they have on-staff meteorologists. >> you don't get to do the super bowl, chris? >> i used to do the yankees and the mets. what did it get me? a lot of tickets. meantime, as we're starting to look at the weather, spring feeling more like it although upper 40s sun and clouds mix. clouds and rain mix overnight. the heavy rain could be 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. temperatures will climb to mid-50 tomorrow morning and then start to drop behind this front later tomorrow afternoon. we get a little setback in chillier temperatures friday into the weekend. then next weekend, looking ahead, i'm impressioned and kind of excited about the long-range forecast.
6:25 am
>> i have some good news for traffic. we're going to start with new jersey. i guess service has been restored on the northeast corridor. it was suspended but the problem is you don't have up to 60-minute delays in both directions between trenton and metro park. so leave yourself a lot of extra time this morning. plan ahead. otherwise things moving along nicely there. we'll take a look outside at the holland tunnel where you'll have a ten-minute wait into the tolls. just got word of an accident out by manhattan avenue. watch out for delays there. 6:25, coming up next -- a major budget battle in new jersey. >> reporter: and that battle over property taxes has led to a partial government shutdown here in paterson. i'm tracie strahan live with who's going to be impacted by this coming up. >> reporter: and i'm katherine creag live in west new york and new jersey where the search goes on for the driver of an suv who killed a little girl.
6:26 am
resident about the outrage in this community. >> as you're to be head out the door keep us with us. download the news 4 new york app on your mobile device right now.
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6:29 am
a little girl struck and killed on her way to school. now the hunt is on for the driver who left her to die in the street. plus, it is the most important day of the presidential race so far. super tuesday, "today in new york" starts now. good morning, 6:30 a.m., on this super tuesday, march 1st. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. let's check in with chris cimino. good morning. >> skies brightening up. temperatures not too bad. 43 degrees in the city. 40 in secaucus. you go north and west we drop off to the mid-30s there but these temperatures are not terribly chilly. although compared to where we've
6:30 am
just some patchy clouds especially through the 2340r7b8g north of us, they'll thin out. the morning commute and the evening commute can be both dry. temperatures mid-40s at noon topping off in upper 40s for mid to late afternoon. we'll track that rain for you. she's tracking the commute for us as well. >> we have a couple problems for long island commuters. we're going to head over there, l.i.e., just before exit 40, that shuts down three lanes. hov lanes getting by. delays are really bad. north expressway westbound, it's stop and go back to the north state past the meadowbrook parkway. grand central park westbound an accident before clearview expressway. that blocks a lane. into nassau county as well. right now, a partial
6:31 am
paterson, new jersey, hundreds home. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is there to complain how residents are being impacted. tracie, i'm sure people have a ton of questions over what's open and what's happening? >> reporter: michael, it's the type of thing that most residents don't even know about. especially the ones we've spoken to at the train station, or they will when they try to use certain services. it's all a battle over a proposed property tax increase. it come as as a showdown between mayor joey torres in paterson over the government. now until the budget is approved more than 1,000 nonessential workers have been told not to come to work. that means services like curbside garbage pick up, street
6:32 am
programs have been suspended. there is a budget meeting tonight but it's unclear when all of this partial government shutdown business will be restored. just not having people on the job today will save $225,000 alone. again, it's unclear when all of this will be resolved. we mentioned those crossing guards, they're considered nonessential employees. school officials say they will have a contingency plan in place. the police director says not for all areas in the city. you can see why this shutdown certainly a concern in the area. >> especially for parents and guardians walking to school. also in paterson, education officials have a financial crisis of their own. a nearly $40 million school budget debt. the school district is now reportedly considering a plan to close five schools and eliminate about 50 jobs. the next meeting on budget cuts is planned tomorrow night at kennedy high school. >> happening now, police are trying to track down two suspects in a bronx home
6:33 am
the suspects posed as con ed workers. they got a woman to open her door in the bronx. after they got in they tied that woman up and her daughter as well. the investigators say one of the men sexually assaulted the mother. the two men got away with cash and after the assault, neighbors heard their cries and ends up rescuing them. a surprising discovery in a home that's been vacant for years. it was recently sold by the city. yesterday someone walking through the home found skeletal remains on the second floor. investigators say it could have been there for at least three years it could have been someone squatting there or perhaps homeless. new york city salt law is on hold. the new york appeals court temporarily halted the enforcement. as of right now no reason has been given. under the law little salt shaker warning symbols would be placed
6:34 am
city menus. last week, they ruled that they could fine restaurants that do not comply with the rule. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, either the weather is involved in politics, bill karins on nbc giving complete forecasts looking to see whether the weather would impact anybody getting out. >> sure. anytime there's a vote and it could go south with the weather. most areas look decent for us. wohey-rry we're not voting today but a nice vote for the weather. a mix of sun and clouds. you don't need the rain gear. maybe glasses to shade from time to time. the winds are going to get justy overnight as the rain does approach mainly after midnight into tomorrow morning. this time tomorrow morning could be rougher than it is right now. 41 degrees in the city. we're seeing a lot of 30s in the suburbs but that's not terribly cold. we may lose a degree or so
6:35 am
back into the 40s by noon time. forecasting a high of 47 degrees. we'll give you arrival time on that rain and departure in a little bit. the northeast corridor, service has been restored which is good news. the bad news is 60-minute delays between trenton and metro. that's pretty hefty. if you're getting on the roads, tonelle avenue southbound, an accident is reported at manhattan avenue. i'm seeing delays before secaucus road. continue to check on that but there is an accident blocking the right-hand lane. if you need to move your car today, yes, you do, alternate side parking rules neck. s s in effect. right now, police are hoping surveillance video will help them catch the driver who struck and killed a young girl in new jersey. "today in new york's" katherine rage is in west new york. kat. >> reporter: and darlene, one
6:36 am
dropping off a teddy bear right there at the site of the memorial for that little girl. only 7 years old who was killed here. that child and her mother were walking at this intersection when they were hit by the driver of an suv. in fact, the most recent surveillance video of that suv released by police shows it going through a parking garage. also some side streets around west new york. the driver of the black chevy tahoe at the corner of van buren place, 61st street. turned as the little girl, sheyla pichardo and her mother crossed the street. as the driver got out of the vehicle and for several seconds look at the child on the ground and the mother in shock and hurt but the driver took off. the child died at the hospital. a resident in the community said this. >> i'm distraught. i think it's horrendous, unspeakable, inexcusable what happened last night. as a resident, i'm confident that law enforcement will catch
6:37 am
i give it one more -- to the end of today. >> reporter: and 7-year-old sheyla pichardo died at the hospital. she was the only child of her mother and father. there is great outrage and heartbreak by so many people about this tragedy but confidence that that driver will be caught. >> kat, thank you. video of a young boy playing in a trash-filled hallway has one mother outraged. that video allegedly shows a 4-year-old boy at a pre-k in harlem. the mother claims he was left in that hallway. she was told by the school her son was behavorial issues but says teachers handled the situation in the wrong way. >> my child is a human being, and he's just as well as any other individual as an individual in the united states. for to me treat my child in this manner, i'm flabbergasted and floored and just -- i don't know any other words to state. >> weep reached out to the
6:38 am
they have not commented yet on the incident. >> in less than a half hour, voting begins in many states. it's the biggest day of the voting primary season, super tuesday. democratic delegates are up for grabs in 11 states. a secret service agent violently took down a "time" magazine photographer at a rally in virginia. he was grabbed by the throat and slammed to the ground. the photographer called the confrontation disproportionate and unnecessarily violent. the secret service says it is investigating. today, a judge will hear challenges for ted cruz's aboiility to appear on new york's primary ballot. that is set for april 19th. two people are arguing that cruz is not a natural-born american citizen. cruz was born in canada to an american mother and cuban-born father. the u.s. constitution says only natural born citizens can become presidents. >> democrats voting as well in
6:39 am
clinton and bernie sanders. yesterday, clinton seemed to lay off her opponent and focusing instead on the republicans. she seems to be refocusing her strategy towards the general election in november. sanders running hard in key states yesterday hoping to pick up delegates and expected to take his victory of his home state of vermont. the "today" show has a team of reporters spread out across the nation in critical super tuesday states. their coverage ahead at 7:00 a.m. sportscaster erin andrews ve tearful testimony about the secret nude videos that were taken of her and posted online. >> and the marriott put him next to me. why didn't they ask me, call me and tell me they were putting him next to me? >> andrews is suing michael david barrett, the man who admitted to shooting those
6:40 am
the marriott for $75 million. >> the fdny is underplaying that the union claims city is underreporting response tiles. based on when the call was passed on to the fdny instead of first received by a 911 operator that could make, they argue, some response times up to 80% higher than what the city is reporting. now, the fdny days agrees, it issued a statement that read in part, quote, there is nothing misleading about the city's transparent and detailed reports on response times for emergencies broken down by seven different categories to account for each component in what's known as end-to-end response time." >> in a couple of months, you'll be able to see a work of art that's so big and bold it can only be in brooklyn. it's a bright neon sign with the word "understanding."
6:41 am
sculptor. 6:40 now. a new study that once again links sleep and weight gain. how can it help awe void junk food cravings. coming up a new jersey native prepares to return to earth as his landmark mission to space comes to an end. >> plus, weather and traffic on 94s.
6:42 am
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welcome back. it is 6:44 on a tuesday morning. we're looking at dry conditions out there. a sunny start before the clouds take over overnight. eventually, we get rain if here but not until overnight.
6:45 am
not bad, really. 40s in the suburbs. the northwest wind may knock the temperatures down a degree or two. november was the warmest november on record. december the same thing in central park. above normal in january, finishing touches on february yesterday with the 60-degree high. 2.4 degrees above normal. not officially yet, but it looks like the warmest winter on record. three months, december, january, february. mixed sky, cooler temperatures, yes, but 40s. then overnight rain and colder weather will follow for the end the week. 33 in toms river. red bank at 42. sayreville 34. a lot of new jersey in the 30s. city is still in the low 40s. 46 up in danbury. chilly yet but not terribly cold
6:46 am
there's the storm system, the next weather maker, a narrow band of rain. some snow in the great lakes. we don't get the snow or freezing rain but plain old rain tonight. the high clouds will dissipate for a time and move back in. and looks like sunshine giving way for clouds. time line for rain, midnight-ish, midnight to 2:00 or 3:00 a.m., moving through the city to long island. eastbound it goes through the morning tomorrow. and it's out in and out pretty quickly. probably six hours max. still above normal in upper 40s. no rain to worry about until midnight tonight. temperatures stay in the 40s rise to the 40s near 50 early tomorrow morning. rain exits early tomorrow from west to east from 7:00 to 10:00. temperatures fall from 40s into the 30s by the end of the day as colder air pushes behind this front. thursday is a bright sunny day.
6:47 am
going to watch a coastal storm pass the mid-atlantic coast late thursday night into friday. a glancing shot of snow on the fringes. storm track changes and makes a big difference in the forecast. right now we're leaning, nothing significant in terms of snow. then as we go towards the weekend. change in the sky. cloudy on saturday. a weak clipper system could bring a rain or snow shower. and that's the beginning of a more significant warming trend that will arrive by next week. right now a few ticks. heading out the door, what the the commute look like, lauren. >> it's tough for nassau county commuters. one on the long island expressway. westbound before exit 40. the hov lane gets by. if you want to said to the service road that's a good idea but that's delayed. northern state parkway, westbound past l.i.e. exit, that accident has been moved to the shoulder.
6:48 am
blocking the lanes. a slow ride through here as well. jackie robinson parkway eastbound that accident is jamming things up. let's talk about the new york state throughway. we do have plays as you work your way through the tappan zee bridge. if you're getting on the trains up to 60-minute delays. on the northeast corridor between trenton and metro park earlier service was suspended. service has been restored but delays are pretty bad out there. something is going on in south korea's parliament that many americans might appreciate it. we've seen it, lawmakers are working on a world record filibuster. opposition parties coming together to stop an anti-terror bill they say is extreme. they're going to keep the filibuster going for seven days longer than anything done for decades in our u.s. congress. a self-driving car being tested by google has apparently
6:49 am
one of the test cars was maneuvering around sandbags near a storm drain in california when it hit the side of the bus. google said the car bass going 2 miles per hours and no one was hurt. there was a driver inside the car but the driver did not have control of the car at the time and thought the bus would yield. scott kelly ends his marathon mission in space. he's been up there for 342 days. it's the longest stay for the international space station. scientists will be paying close attention to scott kelly. researchers are going to study his body. they're going to compare changes with that of his twin brother mark kelly who stayed on earth. it's useful for longer journeys in space the impact it's going to have on people's bodies going to other planets. 6:49, coming up next, we'll tell you why your junk food cravings may be linked to your sleep habits.
6:50 am
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welcome back. 6:52. in news for your health this morning, junk food krarch cravings may be directly link to how much sleep you get. >> researchers found the less sleep you get it increases our cravings for sweet, salty and fatty as well. for people who slept eight hours or had cravings. if you slept for eight hours, you had less cravings. "today" show is coming up in a few minutes. let's check in with other sleep deprived people, matt and savannah. >> how much do the four of us love talking about sleep and jung food.
6:54 am
>> and food a few more times. coming up on tuesday on the show, donald trump and hillary clinton riding waves of momentum into the biggest presidential race thus far. this time tomorrow, will we be talking about any of them talking about locking up their party's nomination. we've got super tuesday on every angle. plus, an inside look at hoarding. the surprising number of people who suffer from this and heartbreaking impact it can have on a family. >> two of the biggest stars on the planet in the studio today. we have j. lo and tina fey both joining us live as we get started on "today." >> darlene and michael, back to you. >> oh, my gosh, looking forward to seeing both of them. >> have a great show. chris is going to tell us when rain could be passing over our area. >> you're watching "today in new
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right now, partial government shut down is under way in paterson, new jersey. >> "today in new york's" tracie strahan is there with details how this is going to impact people who live there. >> reporter: as a result of this more than 1,000 nonessential employees were told to stay home. it's the result of a showdown between paterson's mayor joey torres and city council over a 6% increase in mropt taxes. the mayor argues that providing city services means taxes have to go up in order to match state aid.
6:58 am
that means nonessential services like curbside garbage pickup will be suspended. now to katherine creag in west new york where police are search for the hit-and-run driver who killed a little girl. >> reporter: it was about this time yesterday morning where a little girl was crossing the block. they were holding hands when she were struck. the driver of that tahoe suv, the driver stopped and looked at the victims. the little girl sheyla pichardo did not make it. she died at the hospital. an intense search going on for the driver of that suv. a 7-year-old boy is recovering in the hospital after he was hit by a stray bullet while inside his own home.
6:59 am
say the boy's in serious but stable condition. the gunman still on the loose this morning. residents tell us gun violence not new in the neighborhood. >> one more check of traffic, lauren. >> we still have delays out there for nj transit commuters on the northeast corridor up to 60 minutes because of a police investigation but that's an improvement because it was suspended earlier. if you're getting on long island expressway, westbound. an accident, exit 43, delays go back to exit 45 this morning. and then there's another accident on grand central westbound before the clearview. one more on jackie robinson parkway eastbound. >> chris, it's a brand-new month. >> brand-new month and climatological season. it may have been the warmest on record. temperatures today a little cooler than we've been. still above normal. 47 the expected high on day one of march. it comes in as a lamb.
7:00 am
coming in. temperatures go to 40s and then take a tumble into the 30s by tomorrow night. tomorrow's rain is primarily early morning stays even throughout the day. touch of snow and back to the 40s over the weekend and 50s by nice warmup expected next week. >> "today" show is coming up next. >> that's what's happening "today in new york." good morning. march madness. voters in 12 states head to the polls on this super tuesday. the most crucial day of the election so far. crump and clinton way out in front. will they deliver knockout blows or can rubio, cruz and sanders hang on? our decision 2016 team has it covered from every angle. the director of the fbi and one of apple's top executives


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